Friday, July 27, 2012

Intro & Summer Olympics

So ... what do you do when you can't seem to get around to your semi-new blog for months at a time because you're not only busy, but you keep throwing aside blog ideas because they're quite not right?

Simple! You start a second blog!

That may not sound like a smart idea, but since I left behind my Google Friend Connect challenged blogs, I've been feeling that I needed a blog dedicated to writing and a personal blog about life and other issues. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to go from talking about world building to the Summer Olympics. 

It's for that reason that I'm starting Starlight Philosopher. It still carries my starlight theme. But it involves more day-to-day stuff. Starlight Rose will continue on as my writing blog. It's a case of Regular Coke and Cherry Coke. I leave you to figure out which is which. Though I kinda think this would be the Regular Coke.

The 2012 Summer Olympics are beginning in London today. Since I'm not much of a sports person I probably won't be watching much. But even a non-sports person like me can enjoy the opening ceremonies.

I always love seeing the U.S. Teams come in. I love the fact that while so many other countries come in looking homogeneous, we come in in an array of colors, looking like a microcosm of the world! How can you not be proud!

Enjoy the weekend and the Summer Olympics!