Thursday, October 4, 2012

Referee Lockout & Government

A couple weeks ago the football world realized how important referees were to the game. While the inexperienced refs were in place there were bad calls, overly long games, and players trying to get away with things to the point where some folks were afraid someone would get hurt.

So the call went up for an end the lockout. And when it was over there was great rejoicing as the refs came back to the field. Of course, there was probably some cursing later that same night when some of the refs made unpopular calls. But the point had been made.

In sports and in life we need referees. Good referees. To keep the players honest and under control. Sure, some players can watch themselves, but for those that can't we need rules and someone with a whistle.

Good government is supposed to be like that. It's supposed to act as a referee, to make sure everyone is following the rules, to call a foul when necessary, and make sure all the players have a fair shake.

And like with the referees, not just anyone will do. You need good refs. And if you don't have them, the government and the game falls into chaos. Then no one has a good time.

I said in it my last posting and I'll say it again. Multinational companies are like foreign countries. They span the globe, have their own ruling bodies, and they have to look out for what's best for them and their big back offices. Some companies are run by people who are above reproach. They take care of their employees and respect the laws and people of the countries they do business in. But there are also companies that are run by folks who are always looking to see what they can get away with.

When there's a powerful company looking to get away with something, you need an equally powerful entity to blow the whistle and give them a time out. State governments aren't generally strong enough or wealthy enough to do that. So the federal government has to be able to step in and play referee.

There are some folks who say "big government" is evil. Because it limits freedom. Probably because they're afraid the ref is going to make a call against them. No one likes that. But football got a real lesson on what things look like when there aren't any good refs. And I'm afraid it would look pretty much the same if the federal government became weak and/or filled with people who favored one team over another on the field.

So, we need a strong government run by good people who follow the rules and make sure there's a level playing field for everyone. And we need to think twice when a coyote argues that a farmer is limiting their freedom by having guard dogs keep watch outside the chicken coop.

God is perfect. The rest of us need rules and good refs to oversee the game. And since we live in a democracy, it's up to us to make sure we have good refs and good rules.

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